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For :iconda-fantasia:

Name: Vandel Stannulf
Gender: Male
Age: 18
Height: 1.75m
Race: Wolf Hybrid
City: Adysia
Job: Arcane Knight (Mercenary)

Combat quote: "Don't waste my time if you're not ready to die."

Weapon: Longsword (2 or 1 hand grip) + Magic focus

Fighting Style: [Assault Vanguard]
"The only way out is through the enemy!"

Best in one-on-one. Fights aggressively in melee with sword and magic. Vandel has very fast reaction speed and prefers to evade and counter rather than block and parry.

Likes: Fighting, Music, Quiet places, Compassionate people, acts of loyalty

Dislikes: Zombies (Because they stink) Slavers, People who chronically break promises, being helpless, being woken up in the morning (wake at your own risk; wear armor)

Direct and honest. Recklessly brave and seemingly devoid of fear. He has spent his entire childhood facing threats bigger and stronger than him and refuses to be intimidated. Or tactful. He is also socially awkward and is quiet and withdrawn amongst others. Though that might change once one gets him to open up.

Formerly of the Stannulf family, Vandel was just a child when his family got caught up in an ugly political spat. Fearing for his family, his father secretly smuggled his family out to one of their summer mansions. They had planned to stay until the danger was past, but their enemies were far more ruthless than they were prepared for.

At the time, Vandel was only 6. Although he was sent away with a trusted family friend, the man had already been bought off by the chief conspirator to first kill the son to send a message. He was unable to go through with the deed and instead, he simply threw the boy off the carriage in the deep woods.

Hurt and confused, Vandel was nearly gored by a wild boar and was only saved when he instinctually used a power granted to him by his hybrid heritage to take on an animal form and escaped into the undergrowth.

Meanwhile, his family put up a valiant last stand against assassins. The only survivor was Vandel's older sister, Camellia.

The boy spent a large part of his childhood as a wolf cub and survived various misadventures until he finally learned to control his gift and transformed back to a humanoid form. True to his luck, he was captured by bandits not long after and forced into being a servant for them. After Vandel accidentally injured a particularly abusive bandit with magic, the leader had the bright idea to train him into a weapon they could use. They passed him over to their group's mage, an outcast from Arcania.

Things predictably went wrong when Vandel learned just enough to be dangerous. He escaped in the middle of the night, but not before killing the slumbering mage, the leader and an unfortunate guard.

Once he was safe, he spent some time getting over the trauma of killing so young before resuming his wandering lifestyle. Over the years, he honed his self-taught sword skills and traded favours for lessons in Runic magic until his reputation as a wandering swordsman began to grow. He is a very strong close-to-mid range one-to-one combatant, but since he is not a full-fledged mage, his Runic spells tend to be powerful but unsubtle single-target affairs without much range or area of effect.

Eventually, he caught news that someone named Stannulf lived in Adysia and immediately set forth for the city. He settled down in hopes that he would see his family again.


= Wolf hybrids are naturally stronger and faster than a normal human and have keen senses. Vandel's phenomenal reflexes are from intense training and surviving in the wild.
= While he has limited formal training with a sword, his style is wild and unpredictable. He would benefit from some instruction, though.
= Vandel never drinks because he has terrible tolerance to alcohol. One shot of strong drink would knock him out stone-cold.
= The brooch that pins his mantle together was just a simple bronze medal until Vandel painstakingly carved the Stannulf family emblem onto it with a dagger.
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peach962 Featured By Owner Aug 18, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
Hybrids rule, just don't eat mine:… Would you like to Rp?
DAE-Art Featured By Owner Aug 31, 2013  Student
O.o I love the design so much!! uvu Maybe someday we could RP :)
SamuelG-Rather Featured By Owner Feb 8, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
OMG~ I've been going through all the DAF-OC's just to get a feel for how you guys RP and such. I have to say, this character is definitely one of my favorites!
I'm hoping I'm allowed to join, our characters will either really hate each other or be great friends!

Great job!!!!
viceman Featured By Owner Jan 15, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Nice armor design, I like. ^^
shitashi Featured By Owner Jan 14, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Amg! Vandel! :iconoohmrdarcyplz:
How I have missed his purdy face and awesome design~ <333
Youkai-Meimi Featured By Owner Jan 14, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
ANother Adysian!! =w= <3
Devileyes77 Featured By Owner May 12, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
So Cool~!!
willfrost Featured By Owner Aug 18, 2011
awesome work
ZEON-4-EVA Featured By Owner Apr 28, 2011
Your guy looks absolutely badass!
ACSigma Featured By Owner Apr 28, 2011
Thx for the compliment, but there are guys with better quality work in the gallery...
booboobear99 Featured By Owner Apr 23, 2011
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